Sunday Photo Fiction: June 28th 2015


Sunday Photo Fiction: June 28th 2015 – Rolls Royce Angel

My hands followed the wall and I hoped I can find the switch soon. I started to understand how difficult for the blinds can be the orientation.

I reached the bookshelf. I could smell the scent of the old books. Though I wasn’t a big reader the old books were always interesting me.

I found the switch finally. I turned it on but no light. Tried it again and again but the darkness just smiled into my face and prickled my eyes.

Then I heard some noise. It wasn’t very loud and it sounded like a little girl’s laughter.

I thought I was already enough scarred to continue be apart of this “great opportunity”. I was ready to leave the building.

– Tito! Why don’t you follow me? Where have you been? Big Mouth is waiting, come. –

– Boo! What does this everything mean? Why is there no light? To where we are going? To be honest I was on my way to escape this building.

– Hold this and follow me. –

– Really great answer. What is that? – Boo placed into my palm some cool thing. It was something metallic and the shapes resembled me an angel.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: June 28th 2015

  1. Wonderful story! She gave him the hood ornament to a Rolls Royce!

    • Thanks a lot! 😊 but he got the angel from his friend and the story will continue ☺

  2. Francesca Smith

    As long as the car came with it, that would be a nice gift to receive.

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