Writing101, Day 9: Camouflage

In response to the Writing 101 with the theme Camouflage


Hungry eyes hiding in the bush
waiting on the last antelope,
injured and weak, not strong enough
to run with the galloping flock.

Monochromatic nature,
great hide for the lioness
and her sand colored cub.
The prey is close, tired and afraid.

Now is the time!
Long jump and fast legs,
teeth locking the neck.
This is the end – last shiver, death.



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13 thoughts on “Writing101, Day 9: Camouflage

  1. Straightaway used the meaning.:)

  2. Great poem, I like that it tells a story and it involves a lion. I never think of lions needing camouflage because they are lions but they do.🙂

    • Thanks, Melinda! ☺ Well they need it if they don’t want to end with an empty stomach ☺

      • That’s so true but I always think of Lions as tough and powerful. You don’t think that a creature like that would need to be stealthy but they do🙂

  3. A different and great take for the prompt! Lion hunting is beautiful🙂

  4. Ouch! I just rubbed my neck. That was brief and thrilling.

    • Thanks, Jacqueline! ☺ Sometimes few words can create a strong feeling, take us inside the story.

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