From ordinary to artistic – Bridge

Welcome to the Weekly Photo Challenge – From ordinary to artistic (FOA)
I apologize for the great tardiness with this post, but I could finally manage to post it and since it is already Wednesday, you will be able to post your entries until the next Wednesday.

We are surrounded by a lot of ordinary things we maybe think is not worth mentioning. But even such ordinary things can be beautiful and sometimes extraordinary. Take a photo or pick one from your archive that responds to the prompt and transform it to an artistic piece. New theme will be introduced each Monday.

The theme for this week is Bridge. Any kind of Bridge. Use your editing tools and create a photo that will telling us a story. Show us your editing skills! Change the life of one ordinary bridge to a Famous Bridge! 
Post the transformed photo and add the original.

Recent and past theme: Bridge

Upcoming themes:

If you would like to edit some special subject, please let me know in the  comments and we can try challenge it together


How to participate:

1. Create a new post titled “From ordinary to artistic – Bridge” and use the tag “FromOrdinaryToArtistic or FOA”
2. Add photos and feel free to add also a few words if you feel so
3. Paste the link of your post to my comments so the other bloggers can find your link, visit your blog, leave comments, interact by any way
4. If you wish to get notifications about new prompts don’t forget to follow me

Here is my entry for the Bridge theme and the original below





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3 thoughts on “From ordinary to artistic – Bridge

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