I miss your hands

In response to dVerse poetic Tuesday

Precious hands.
Those two hands have never hurt me,
never pushed me away.
Those two hands were always busy,
preparing food and washing clothes,
fixing pillows and sheets,
cleaning the house and pulling weed,
from the abandoned graves.
Those two hands held the Bible
and the little black handbag,
walking to church.
I loved holding those hands and
watch them by their daily tasks,
they always worked so hard.
I’ve learned so much.
The last time I saw those hands
was, when you were leaving this earth.
They were so calm,
resting on your chest.
They held the Bible,
taking it to the the most beautiful place.

(dedicated to my granny)

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46 thoughts on “I miss your hands

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  1. After viewing your “plum post” I signed up. Very late, but what a fun challenge. I love crayolas.

    • It is never late, Victoria! ☺ You can participate in anytime and with any color you like. This challenge is very challenging but I love it ☺

  2. I can see you loved your granny very, very much. I love this. You’ve written a beautiful tribute to her here. I do know how hard it is to let them go, and as you say, to a beautiful place.

    • Thanks, Barbara! ☺ I would love to spend some time with her now, when I am a woman. I will never forget her.

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  4. Can i share it on my blog? Thanks!

  5. BlesseD iS thE
    boy or girl..
    hAnds.. iN
    thE hUman race
    As LoVinG heaRt..:)

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  7. Oh that’s a lovely poem! Such emotion…pure joy! 🙂

  8. What a beautiful tribute to your Grandmother! Lovely poem in memory of a gentle kind soul.

    Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands (audio)

  9. I loved the poem about your granny! Very sweet…

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