Blogging 101, Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal

Two pairs of feet hiding under the sheet but there is also two hearts, two souls and two bodies merged to ONE.
White and red, blue and yellow a beautiful shadow of ONE new colour.
Water and coffee, sugar and cream beautiful taste in ONE cup – each morning.
I don’t like counting and I am not good in math but I know two and two – though equals four – can be also ONE sometimes.


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Blogging 101, Day Four: Identify Your Audience

Let’s enjoy the life! (from the shadow to the colourful life).

There was a time I shared my thoughts and feelings only with some few friends but first at all with my notebook. I felt often depressed and my best valve was writing. After I moved from the town I lived in for almost 30 years I felt more free and I found the next valve in photography. The news, the magazines and people are full of negative thoughts. The depression and bad mood like to take a walk with us so often just because we choose to be frustrated instead of blessed and thankful.

empty and broken

empty and broken

I created my blog to bring the readers nice words, hope, joy of the colours and inspirations. My native is the Slovak language. While my pictures can “speak” to everybody and to all nations I realised if I want to spread and share my thoughts and words all around the world it is the best to use the language it is the most preferred here on Anybody is the most welcomed to read to look and to share anything he like. It will be always my greatest pleasure to post the next and next photos, thoughts and projects.

Blessings from the beautiful and colourful Jamaica!

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Blogging 101, Day Three: Say Hello to the Neighbors

Hi, Hello, Ahojte, Sziasztok, Hallo, Zdravej, Привет, Hola, Ciao

my sincerely greetings for all bloggers and readers. I wish all of you a lot of nice readings, experiences, ideas, followers, friends and ENDURANCE because blogging requires some of your time and a lot of joy on each new project. Let keep your blog alive and though any circumstances try to come back and add some thoughts or picture. Don’t let your ART forget or die.


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Blogging 101, Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

Since two years I wasn’t thinking about to change my blog’s name or describe it better because I thought people will make their own opinion and describtion after they visited my blog. But thanks the new “homework” from “Blogging101” I realised it is not that bad idea. I didn’t want to change the title “few-words” but atleast add something and improve the describtion because the blog is since some time not only about the pictures, stories and poems. I invite all of you to check it and determine if I fulfilled my homework 🙂

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Blogging 101, Day One: Introduce Yourself to the World

Hi everybody!

My name is Maria Rowe and I am a blogger since few years. This blog is my second one on and I thank my beloved husband to encouraging me to create it after I deleted my old one almost three years ago. I love to share nice thoughts, history, traditions, ideas, pictures and handcrafts with people they still know what is the meaning and value of the art. Anybody can find a while to stop at any post choose the one he likes the most and just relax by reading or looking at the pics. We need more quiet moments in this hectic life and not just quickly roll down the posts without thinking about what we just read or saw. Let give time to yourself and enjoy everything your eyes and heart offer to you.
Since I remember I was always a creative person and I met the beauty of the art at the very early ages. I love drawing, painting, writing, stitching, knitting, crochet and photography.
Since I have learnd the alphabet the books became my best friends.
I left my birth country Slovakia in February this year to follow my heart and start a new life on a small but beautiful island –  Jamaica. I met and still meeting each day a whole different culture, people, traditions and history but I love it and I thank God each day for His will to lead me here and for protecting each of my steps.

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