Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction – July 26th 2015


– Tito, start the car! What is wrong with you? – I finally woke up from the thoughts.

– Nothing. I am al right, – I tried to sound naturally though my mind was full of questions.

The car started very smoothly and it was a great pleasure to drive it. The leather seats and interior was amazing. The old style dashboard suited to the entire interior. I could drive it for hours but our trip unfortunately wasn’t very long. We passed some streets and the old park and Boo told me to stop near the airport.

It was late and all I could see were the shapes of the planes and the airport lights. Some planes just started their trip, other ones just landed.

I remembered the story my grandfather told me once. It was about a young pilot he got shot to the right motor but didn’t give up and tried to reach the enemy’s hide and accomplish his task. He was successful but he died in stupid accident while his drank captain played with his gun. The bullet hit his head.

…and I am here now to accomplish my task though I still don’t know what exactly it is.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – July 19th 2015



Boo threw the key and I tried to catch it and don’t mess anything. The short “beep” signalized the care is open.

I bend my back and sat into the CAR. Hm… car. This is not even a car this is something… Ok I need to focus…

I wanted to set the wing mirror when I saw it. It hung on the mirror and I felt the warmth it ran from my head to my toes. My palms became wet and I had again this strange feeling as before at the gallery.

There hung a little throne under the mirror but it was… why it looked like a wheelchair?! I mean it was a throne with wheels. I never saw Big Mouth and I didn’t know a lot about him but Boo never mentioned he would be a cripple. This doesn’t make any sense. The lady with the old folk on the bridge, then the wheelchair in the gallery, now this throne with wheels…

I was so confused that I didn’t hear when Boo told me to start finally the car.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – July 5th 2015/July 11th 2015


– Boo, can you finally tell me to where we are going? I thought we will stay in the gallery and Big Mouth will give us the next instructions. And… where from you got this Rolls Royce angel? – I was so distracted. I didn’t understand anything.

Boo led me through some hallway it ended at the water front. The sun touched the water and we stopped at the pier.

– Soon you will know more. Now just follow me. I hope you can manage the water. – said Boo with slightly irony.

– Of course I can. As long as we are not going to dive too deep… –

– We will board that boat and after we reached the shore I will give you the next instructions.-

Al right, luckily I don’t use to get seasickness. I got used to this yet as a little child while fishing with my grandfather.

We slowly boarded the boat and Boo started the motor. The motor’s roaring scared the pigeons they rested on the roofs.

Though I got used to boating this was something else. The boat moved too stridently and I fell off. Unfortunately the angel dropped to the water and since the river was too deep I couldn’t save it.

Sunday Photo Fiction – July 11th 2015

112-07-july-12th-2015I took a look at Boo. He didn’t say anything just took a deep breath and tightly held the steering wheal. The short trip was calm and I started to recognize the bridge towers in the distance.

– I am sorry; – I said finally reaching the shore.

– You can explain in to Big Mouth later, – said Boo.

– So what is the next step? – I still waited the instructions.

– You are going to drive, – Boo pointed on a white Rolls Royce.

– Are you mad?! – dropped out of my mouth so quickly that even Boo got surprised.

– Or you can go back. It is up to you. But make a quick decision; we are already late, – noted Boo.

– Alright, alright. I am sorry! I thought you are joking. Well, this is a little different experience but let us see, – I still couldn’t believe I am going to drive this car.

The first thing I checked was the front of the car. I was curious if the angel was taken from it.

The angel wasn’t there. Hm… well done. So maybe my next mission will be to dive and bring it back or get one from anywhere.

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Sunday Photo Fiction: June 28th 2015


Sunday Photo Fiction: June 28th 2015 – Rolls Royce Angel

My hands followed the wall and I hoped I can find the switch soon. I started to understand how difficult for the blinds can be the orientation.

I reached the bookshelf. I could smell the scent of the old books. Though I wasn’t a big reader the old books were always interesting me.

I found the switch finally. I turned it on but no light. Tried it again and again but the darkness just smiled into my face and prickled my eyes.

Then I heard some noise. It wasn’t very loud and it sounded like a little girl’s laughter.

I thought I was already enough scarred to continue be apart of this “great opportunity”. I was ready to leave the building.

– Tito! Why don’t you follow me? Where have you been? Big Mouth is waiting, come. –

– Boo! What does this everything mean? Why is there no light? To where we are going? To be honest I was on my way to escape this building.

– Hold this and follow me. –

– Really great answer. What is that? – Boo placed into my palm some cool thing. It was something metallic and the shapes resembled me an angel.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – June 21st 2015

– Boo! Where are you? – I barely heard my voice because the buzz in my head was louder. – Boo! Bro, don’t do this to me. It is not even funny. –


Sunday Photo Fiction: June 21st 2015 – Sunset

‘OK,  let’s think positive. This is maybe just apart of the project and the new people need to go through this. I hate such situations and I hate to worry like a little spoiled girl.’

I stretched my hand again and tried to find some point, something I could recognize and the most important a wanted to find the switch.

I passed this gallery so many times wile my walks but never entered it. I was told the owner is collecting some nice articles but not everybody is allowed to see them. It was a little strange to me because the galleries I knew were created for the visitors. Any visitors they like art.

The next thing it made busy my mind was the wheelchair. Of course it should be any wheelchair but the lady with the old folk disappeared so quickly. I just assume they maybe entered the gallery but… why this darkness and why is the wheelchair here and empty?

I knew the sun will set in an hour. Though it was enough bright before I entered the gallery I couldn’t see any window shapes they should enter some little light that could help me to get oriented in this building.

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Sunday Photo Fiction – June 14th 2015

Sunday Photo Fiction – June 14th 2015

Sunday Photo Fiction – June 14th 2015 – Tower clock

– Now! Come Boo, hurry! – whispered Tito.

– Not yet. Big Mouth said exactly at three o’clock. We can’t destroy everything now just because you are afraid. –

The last statement was again a hit below the belt. He did it again and again and I felt the anger because he was right. Yes I was afraid but this was my first big project with him. Everybody knew Boo never fails. I felt the heartbeat in my throat.

– Are you always this calm? It is there something what can make you afraid or unsure? –

I was really curious because Boo’s face always looked like a piece of stone, calm and confident.

– Hm, I am not perfect Tito. I just can’t… –

The tower clock interrupted his voice. It rang once… twice… three times. We jumped over the fence and run to the gallery. The street was empty and I didn’t realize when the lady with the old folk in the wheelchair disappeared.

We entered the gallery but the lights were off. The air was a little heavy.

I stretched my hand to reach Boo’s shoulder but I hit my foot. I tried to recognize what stand in my way. When I reached the thing I almost shouted loud but I quickly covered my mouth with my hand. I almost fell in the wheelchair.

….to be continued (I would need a lot more words 🙂 )

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