Writing 101

Writing101, Day 10: Farewell

In response to the Writing 101 with the theme Farewell
dedicated to my granny from my deepest heart. Rest in peace.

For at least one more time

I remember, I saw you that day,
so skinny and weak,
your face was covered by hundreds of strings
like an abandoned nook,
decorated by a spider web.

I couldn’t see your smile,
your lips were dumb, 
didn’t release any sound,
and your eyes,
though would like to say something,
were so empty, without a glaze.
My mom cut your long, twisted pony tail,
your hair was still almost black,
with only few silver strands.

That day, I saw you the last time.
I miss you.
You have taught me so many things,
you were so humble and kind.
You explained me who is God,
we spent together so precious times.
Yet we took care of the abandoned graves.

And now, you are the one laying there,
silent and peaceful soul.
I am kneeling at your grave,
whispering a prayer with tears in my eyes,
wishing to hear your voice,
to see your gentle smile,
for at least one more time.


One more time

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Writing101, Day 9: Camouflage

In response to the Writing 101 with the theme Camouflage


Hungry eyes hiding in the bush
waiting on the last antelope,
injured and weak, not strong enough
to run with the galloping flock.

Monochromatic nature,
great hide for the lioness
and her sand colored cub.
The prey is close, tired and afraid.

Now is the time!
Long jump and fast legs,
teeth locking the neck.
This is the end – last shiver, death.



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Writing101, Day 8: Graffiti

In response to the Writing 101 with the theme Graffiti

The loud street art

Strange art on the walls,
the ornaments
people many times
don’t really get.
Yet so deep and loud
speaking to the crowd.
Many will never understand,
where they came from
-visions of the street art-
and what messages they hide
tattooed on the silent walls.


Graffiti under the bridge

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Writing101, Day 7: Beloved

In response to the Writing 101 with the theme Beloved to my precious daughter

My Precious Daughter 

I remember the day
when I saw those two redish lines,
the first evidence of your future life.
I felt in my heart,
though your development just begun,
I love you and I will always do.
I often spoke to you,
to let you know, you are not alone.
I am here for you, I am your mom.
You are sixteen now,
far from me in miles but never in my heart.
I gave you life and you are my joy.
Sometimes I can see the pain
in your big blue eyes,
but you believe in the silver line.
You’re strong, you can fight the life.
And I will be always here,
waiting with opened arms
on my precious daughter,
my little girl, my joy, my heart.


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Writing101, Day 6: Fallacy

In response to the Writing 101 with the theme Fallacy

Shallow tears

You dropped few tears when I was leaving to accomplish my dreams.
You said, you want to see me happy
and this is how my life suppose to be.

What did you exactly meant?
I hoped you have probably changed,
but that was just your shallow speech
and your pride has prove it in the next few weeks.

My happiness would become yours,
if I would live and join you rules.
Your message was full of hurting words
sarcastic, vicious and scornful.

This is your truly face.
Your pride and mind will never change.
And I will never ever believe
any of your shallow tears.


Shallow tears

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Writing 101, Day 5: Freedom

In response to the Writing 101 with the theme Freedom

Freedom is giving

The most beautiful freedom is TO GIVE.
Give as much as we can,
without expectation.
This is the real freedom and wealth.
It starts in our mind, our heart, our soul.

We are full of resources – precious and beautiful:
words, love, time, smile, honor, compassion…
and yet more and more.

When we give, it makes us free.
When we give, it makes us rich.

We got freedom when we were born,
to give freely, yet feel joy.


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