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The Weekly Photo Challenge – Wish

In response to The Weekly Photo Challenge with the Wish theme



I wish you were here…

I wish you were here.

I wish to see your smile, 

I wish to kiss your cheeks 

and caress your wrinkled hands. 

I wish…

But I know, the place where you are,

is the best.

Now, you are in the Best Hands.

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Poems for flowers #11



One could say,
you should be a great story teller.
Your silver head
is like my granny’s head.
She always sat at my bed
ready to drag me in to a new story.
Her silver hair tickled my nose
when she kissed me
wishing me: “Good night and sweet dreams”.
Your silver head
is like my granny’s head.
Your hair is slowly fading,
but my memories will never fade away.

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I miss your hands

In response to dVerse poetic Tuesday

Precious hands.
Those two hands have never hurt me,
never pushed me away.
Those two hands were always busy,
preparing food and washing clothes,
fixing pillows and sheets,
cleaning the house and pulling weed,
from the abandoned graves.
Those two hands held the Bible
and the little black handbag,
walking to church.
I loved holding those hands and
watch them by their daily tasks,
they always worked so hard.
I’ve learned so much.
The last time I saw those hands
was, when you were leaving this earth.
They were so calm,
resting on your chest.
They held the Bible,
taking it to the the most beautiful place.

(dedicated to my granny)

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Writing101, Day 10: Farewell

In response to the Writing 101 with the theme Farewell
dedicated to my granny from my deepest heart. Rest in peace.

For at least one more time

I remember, I saw you that day,
so skinny and weak,
your face was covered by hundreds of strings
like an abandoned nook,
decorated by a spider web.

I couldn’t see your smile,
your lips were dumb, 
didn’t release any sound,
and your eyes,
though would like to say something,
were so empty, without a glaze.
My mom cut your long, twisted pony tail,
your hair was still almost black,
with only few silver strands.

That day, I saw you the last time.
I miss you.
You have taught me so many things,
you were so humble and kind.
You explained me who is God,
we spent together so precious times.
Yet we took care of the abandoned graves.

And now, you are the one laying there,
silent and peaceful soul.
I am kneeling at your grave,
whispering a prayer with tears in my eyes,
wishing to hear your voice,
to see your gentle smile,
for at least one more time.


One more time

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