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Pain Is a Microphone

Suffering isn’t an obstacle to being used by God. It is an opportunity to be used like never before.

You’re actually better fit for ministry in the crucible of pain. You have a stronger voice to project and to declare, and it’s easier to belt from the diaphragm of your soul when you’re hurting. It’s counterintuitive, but in the middle of my hardest mess, I’ve found ministry to be a great strength waiting to be tapped into. It was welling up within me—a greater desire than ever before to tell the whole world that Jesus Christ can turn off the dark—because I experienced it myself. Right there, at ground zero, in the valley of the shadow of death. As hard as it was to claw our way through on hands and knees in those moments, Jennie and I found that when we poured our pain into ministry, whole new levels of usefulness opened up. There’s perhaps no time you are as powerful as when you minister in the midst of pain.

Read: Psalms 34:18
John 12:32
Acts 9:15-16
Daniel 12:3
Revelation 1:6


From my daily reading plan with YouVersion – Through The Eyes Of A Lion (day #7)

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Pain can give us a badly distorted perspective on life— and on God.

Cracked Lenses

– Bill Crowder

I started wearing glasses when I was 10 years old. They are still a necessity because my 50-something eyes are losing their battle against time. When I was younger, I thought glasses were a nuisance—especially when playing sports. Once, the lenses of my glasses got cracked while I was playing softball. It took several weeks to get them replaced. In the meantime, I saw everything in a skewed and dis- torted way.

In life, pain often functions like cracked lenses. It creates within us a conflict between what we experience and what we believe. Pain can give us a badly distorted perspective on life— and on God. In those times, we need our God to provide us with new lenses to help us see clearly again. That clarity of sight usually begins when we turn our eyes upon the Lord. The psalmist encouraged us to do this: “My eyes are upon You, O God the Lord; in You I take refuge; do not leave my soul destitute” (141:8). Seeing God clearly can help us see life’s experiences more clearly.

As we turn our eyes to the Lord in times of pain and struggle, we will experience His comfort and hope in our daily lives. He will help us to see everything clearly again.

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face;
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace.

Focusing on Christ puts everything in perspective.

Read Psalm 141

From my daily reading plan with Bible App – Out daily bread: 30 day edition  (day 24)

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My big orange Bear

To be honest I didn’ t like him in the beginning. He used to eat up Whily’ s (black and white cat from my previous photos) food and always tried to fighting each cat in our yard.

Since he has been very badly injured (it seemed somebody stoned him, he had a big bleeding wound behind his left ear, when he came to get some food the blood dripped from his wound and I saw the pain in his eyes), his attitude a little changed and he doesn’t steal food, always waiting for the left over or just laying infront of the door. He became calmer, learned to “share” the yard with other cats and can patiently wait for any small food or just to get a gentle caress or a nice word. I named him Bear because he is nice big (not fat) and healthy cat.

Orange cat

Orange bear

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Greetings from Heaven

My beloved mommy, my beloved dad,
I know you feel heartbroken now.
I know your pain is more than great,
but I want to let you know,
I am here beside God and I am not alone.

Please don’t cry for me, it hurts a lot.
Each “end” has its new beginning.
Daddy, wipe out mommy’s tears.
Mommy, be for daddy his everything.
Pray and seek God together
and I will hear you.
You will speak also to me.

Be strong and love each other yet more,
come closer to each other through God.
I will be always there as well.
You loved me already more than anything.

And I am thankful you were mine even for a while.

Dedicated to all moms and dads they lost their little unborn/born angels.

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Čachtice castle X


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Čachtice castle IX


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