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The Weekly Photo Challenge – Wish

In response to The Weekly Photo Challenge with the Wish theme



I wish you were here…

I wish you were here.

I wish to see your smile, 

I wish to kiss your cheeks 

and caress your wrinkled hands. 

I wish…

But I know, the place where you are,

is the best.

Now, you are in the Best Hands.

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Writing 201: Poetry, Day ten – Pleasure

Thanks for this great two creative weeks,  for great word prompts and writing styles!
I really enjoyed each day though some seemed to be more difficult than the other one.
For the last word prompt Pleasure I decided to write a Sonnet about my husband’s favorite hobby which is Chess. It is a great Pleasure to see him play and enjoy it, it is his Pleasure to teach anybody who is interested in and it’s a Pleasure to win a good game after hours calculating, thinking and sweating.

* Dedicated to my beloved husband ❤ *

Black and white battlefied
created by sixty-four squares.
Black and white army is ready to start
the mind and strategy game.

The Queen is always defending her King,
ready to fight, to die for him.
The hot blooded Knight jumped out of the line,
Bishop is attacking an undefended Pawn.

Capture and Castle – the King is safe!
What will be the next move, what is the next step?
Thinking and counting – ‘Yes, discovered check!’

There is no step forward, no step back.
What an aggressive opponent!
This battle is coming to its end – it’s checkmate.


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Writing 201: Poetry, Day nine – Cold

Today’s word promt Cold remembered me of a classic fairy tail by H. Ch. Andersen “The Little Match Girl”. I was inspired by this story and here is my poem:

There was a cold night
When she started to walk
In a big slippers of her mom
Her toes were getting frozen.
She tightly held the bundle of matches
And couldn’t go home.
Her father would get very angry
That she didn’t sell any one.
She felt hungry and the snow covered her head
Wished to be behind those windows and walls
With blowing candles and tables covered with food
sitting beside the fireplace, enjoying the light.
She looked at the matches and asked herself:
‘Should I use only one to get a little warm,
to see the flame and feel like in my mother’s arms?
…It felt so nice though only for a short while.
She stroke the next and she saw
her granny with smiling face calling her by name.
The flame started blowing out
taking her loved one, far far away.
‘No! Please, stop! Please don’t leave me here!’
And to make sure she won’t stay alone
Stroke all of the matches to bring her back
now she saw her clearer than ever before.
Stretched her frozen arms, happy and blessed,
Her granny will take her to a beautiful place
There is no hunger, no cold, no darkness,
Only love, peace, joy and God’s presence and kindness.



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Writing 201: Poetry, Day seven – Neighborhood

Well I skipped the day seven to make sure my Ballad will be long enough and I also realized that I need a little more time for it. I am glad I could finish it because Ben is bombing us already with a new task for the Day nine :-). So here we go:

These mornings are so different,
everything is so fresh and alive.
The barking dogs and bleating goats,
children heading to school, baby’s cry.

These mornings are so bright and green,
except some rainy days
when clouds are covering the sky
and the sun is hiding its face.

These mornings, oh these mornings here
since early the loud reggae sounds,
the rhythm is viral and calm
making my body and mind to wine.

A Rasta man is smoking weed,
the scent is strong and wild,
he greets people by bowing his head
placing his hand on his heart.

The taxi man is driving fast – “Wah gwan?” –
pressing roughly the horn while he speeds.
An old woman is selling veggie and fruit
she needs some money, something to eat.

Mackerel and rice, dumplings and butter,
porridge, patty and bulla,
ackee and fish.

What a simple but delicious food,
no complaints, no expecting more on the dish.

These mornings I am waking beside my king,
the sun is already warm and high.
The loud reggae sounds from the neighborhood,
thank God I can be here, in the Caribbean, truly living my life.


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Writing 201: Poetry, Day eight – Flavor

This was really funny and I enjoyed it @benhuberman , thanks a lot! So here is my sad Elegy:

It is gone.
Only the bitterness is left here.
Oh, come back mango season,
refresh my throat since I don’t like beer.

Oh, don’t let me wait too long.
You were so juicy,  sweet and healthy,
without you I don’t feel strong enough,
with you I felt so good and wealthy.

Oh mango, my source of vitamins
come back and give me the strength,
let me peel your silky skin,
let me smell your beautiful scent.

It is gone.
You were my morning’s joy.
I am sad… the mango season is done.
You were my sugar,  my cake, my gold.


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Writing 201: Poetry, Day six – Face

Don’t worry I didn’t cut off my Bible,  I just used the program sheets from our Church to accomplish today’s task.
So here is my Found Poetry.



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