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Draw or paint your feelings – Compassion

“Though he brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love.”
Lamentations 3:32 (NIV)



Welcome to the Monthly Drawing/Painting Challenge

The themes for this challenge will come up monthly –  each 1st week, so you will have enough time to work on your project/-s. You can enter this challenge as many times as you wish. Show us your feelings and emotions, but most important – release them and feel free and happy!
If you feel like to add a few words just go ahead!
If you are not very good at drawing or painting or this is just not your cup of tea and you still would love to participate in, show us your feelings and emotions through your photos or words. Express yourself by the way you prefer.
This challenge is for everyone!

Recent and past theme: Compassion (April)
Kindness (March)
Anger (February)
Love (January)

Upcoming themes:
Stress (May)
Fear (June)


How to participate:

1. Create a new post titled “Draw or paint your feelings – Compassion” and use the tag “DrawOrPaintYourFeelings or DPF”
2. Add your drawings, paintings, photos or words
3. Paste the link of your post to my comments so the other bloggers can find your link, visit your blog, leave comments, interact by any way
4. If you wish to get notifications about new prompts don’t forget to follow me


Helping to an injured baby swan


The place filled with love and grief

She was standing at a fresh tomb

wiping her tears with a white cloth,

looking at the wooden cross

and the flowers covering the grave.

Her daughter held her shoulders

and kissed her wrinkled hand.

She knew what her mother felt,

she stand with her at the tomb of her love,

just few months ago.

This place was filled with love and grief,

that terrible illness was such a thief!

It took both of them.

Now mother and daughter feel same,

love, compassion and a great pain.






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Captured for brushes and paints – Clover and ladybird

Beside my beloved swans I feel always joy seeing ladybirds. It doesn’t matter what colour. I saw red ones with black dots, yellow ones with black dots and black ones with red dots, also red ones without dots. I will maybe create a display of them one day as I did with the dragonflies and damselflies 🙂 , but for now here is the next of my watercolour painting from my “Captured for brushes and paints” series.


Clover and ladybird

Clover and ladybird

Clover and ladybird

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Captured for brushes and paints – My beloved Gus

I am glad I found this project called Sketch a day project by Artsy-Fartsy Human.
I became very inactive as it is relates to drawing and painting and I started to feel – especially the last few weeks – that I am wasting one of my biggest gifts from God.

I am not going to give any promises that I will work on my projects each day though the challenge is called Sketch a day project, but I will definitely practice more often. Painting is about feelings and expressions similar to writing and can’t be done under a pressure however I know some bigger projects are done by this way, but that’s more about a business not a spare time.

So here is my next painting from my series “Captured for brushes and paints”



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Captured for brushes and paints – Tight hugh

Last week I finally sat down and did some painting. It was a long time I hold the brushes and mixed the colours and I always wished to paint one of my favorites shots. After this one I definitely will paint some next and share them with all of you.


The painting is called “Tight Hugh” and was made by watercolors on A4 format art paper. It took me about 4 hours.


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